Best Hip-Hop Album of the Month: “Saints and Sirens” by Black Hesher

Be ready to discover our selection for the best album of the month: the surprising “Saints and Sirene” by the genius Black Hesher.

In an era where the Hip-hop and music, in general, creates clones, we were totally thrilled to discover “Saints and Sirene”, which doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard so far. The first track “One Two” [one of our favourites], sets the tone by unveiling a pure Hip-Hop vibe. A bass line that enters into your head, an old school flow, the track is simply a bomb.

What we really love and admire is the fact that the album is complete and proposes something for everyone. Tracks like Fireflies feat. J Andrew are outstanding punk-ish ballads while songs like Old film Feat. Nathalie Dime are more cross between an emotional hip-hop and Pop music.

Personally, the most powerful to us are Black Hesher‘s solo tracks. He knows how to create pearls coming from the good old days while mixing it with modern and experimental and psychedelic sounds.

We honestly think that the “Saints and Sirens” is a little musical miracle:

We were excited to know more about Black Hesher and his career. Discover our discussion below:

Welcome to my redaction! We are very glad to have you. Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started the music?

I’m Black Hesher and I’ve been making music all my life in some form or another.

You seem to have many inspirations, and a lot to share. What inspires you to write music?

Things that happen in my life inspire me. Pop culture and weird old movies inspire me. My own battles with addiction and my personal relationships inspire songs that I write. Other music I listen to or love tends to inspire me as well.

Your music is so eclectic and creative in a rare way. Do you have a specific creative process?

My creative process is different for every album. Sometimes I have lyrics written first. Sometimes the music or pieces of it are done first. Sometimes it’s an idea in my head that I haven’t quite put together yet. My albums are puzzles that I put together piece by piece.

“Saints and Sirens” was a fresh and unique listening from start to finish. Can you tell us more about this?

My new album “Saints and Sirens” was first inspired by a painting my friend Kate did for the album cover. Then the songs started to take shape. It is a psychedelic grunge hop rollercoaster ride through my soul and back again.

Now that your album has been released, what are your plans for the future?

Hopefully, I can get back to playing live gigs and touring again once the madness of the world subsides. My other future plans include writing a book and working on short films. Walking across the cosmos and collecting stardust.