Best of Monday: “LOVESCOPE”, the new album by SIR-VERSE

SIR-VERE deliver their long-teased ‘Lovescope’ album on their own Bongo Tronic label, the most confident and fully realised statement the long serving Milton Keynes electronica post-punks have released to date. This album will come with thelimited edition Vinyl release with gatefold sleeve.


The band have been through various line up changes over the years – but the album cements their current line up as definitive with a wider ever spread of moods, all connected by the band’s catholic musical influences, from breaks, acid and electro to indie, metal and punk. 


From the creeping phantom opener ‘Angel of Death’ to frenetic earworm and current single ‘Peer Pressure’ and the anthemic title track ‘Lovescope’ & the live opening & next single ‘The Crazies’, the addition of the pure vocal power of singer Ian McEwan alongside the rabble rousing punk jousting of long term frontman Craig Hammond has revealed hidden dimensions to their sound. 


Similarly, the band is completed by two more opposites working in tandem, as studio chief Gary Morland (Guitars, bass, keyboards, production) and Stevie Vega (Programming, DJ remixer S-VAS) trade raw guitar licks and funk-laden bassline with flailing acid squelches and sub-level bassquakes. 


Having spent years of patient, persistent effort building up dedicated followings not only across the UK but worldwide – South America and Eastern Europe in particular lap up every last one of their tracks, not to mention the prodigious remixes to boot – the band’s pre-pandemic album ‘Psycho Ballistic Funk’ and sister album ‘Singulus’ on Big Fat Mama Beats label have paved the way for them to escape the underground and burst, fully formed, into mainstream consciousness.  In many ways, of course, they’ve been waiting for the public to be ready for their all-encompassing post-tribal offering. 

Lovescope’ will be available on vinyl and all digital formats with ‘Carousel’ exclusive to the vinyl edition. ‘Killa Man’, meanwhile is exclusively only available through Bandcamp band page. The Lovescope soundtrack conceived by Craig Hammond from his film script will be released later this year,


  1. Angel of Death 7- The Crazies

  2. Peer Pressure 8- Carousel (Vinyl , Bandcamp)

  3. Misophonia 9- Legion

  4. Bad Guy Kingdom 10- Emotional Lockdown

  5. Destroya 11- Bad Choices

  6. Lovescope 12- Killa Man (Bandcamp)


Sir-vere ‘Lovescope’

This is a work of ART. zero rules, punk abandonment, electronic mayhem, prodding disestablishment, warnings of darkness, individuality. Something very removed from what we expect to experience can only be awesome. It is simply poetry in audio motion.

Discover the band in 5 questions : 

Who you are and how you started to make music?

We are SIR-VERE a hybrid of all things Electronic & Rock. Music found me at a young age through my parents Disco & Funk record collection.

What inspire you to create and write music?

I inspire myself by wanting to push the boundaries the limits of our sound.
Our creative process is either through some big beats or a guitar melody or lyric content.

How would you describe your latest release?

Our latest album Lovescope is a next generation near future project with an eye on being great for soundtracks.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Our plan is to keep pushing keep giving keeping the beats the sonics alive.