‘BLADE’: the best EP of 2021, by Jennalyn

Picture by Jaclyn Robyn

Jennalyn is from far our best discovery of the month, and probably of 2021, let’s dare to say it. From the first notes of her music, we know that she is ready for international notoriety. You will see, we know it when we hear something special.

The talented musician and actress, has recently dropped a fantastic new EP ‘BLADE’, which strikes from the first track, thanks to a catchy, dark yet sexy musical recipe. The opus proves that she is the kind of artist who doesn’t get trapped in one genre and effortlessly blends pop with subtle touches of RNB and cinematic atmosphere.

‘BLADE’ captures the energy of modern music, while remaining authentic and technically flawless. Jennalyn’s vocal performances have charisma and deliver amazing songwriting.

Each track is highly recommended, from ‘Cruel’ to ‘Antifragile’, we can’t even tell which one is our favourite. They are all worth a listen.

Check out ‘BLADE’ on your favourite digital music streaming platform, and follow Jennalyn to keep up with the artist’s activities: