cj joe

cj joe

CJ Joe Shares Infectious New Single EN-JOY-LIFE

As the sun starts to fully shines on the capital, and we start to enjoy our “free days”, we needed to find the best song to accompany these moments. Without surprise, CJ Joe offered this gift to the world with the highly anticipated “EN-JOY-LIFE”.

It is always a delight to listen to CJ Joe’s new music but this time, he really sent us to heaven. “EN-JOY-LIFE” combines infectious reggae vibes with subtle touches of afro rhythm, and above all, addictive vocal performance.

Everything is crafted to set us free, make us dance and be happy. thanks to “EN-JOY-LIFE”, nothing matters but listening to real music, purely and freely.
CJ Joe will continue to attract people from all corners of the world:

Produced by Dopeworm

Backing Vocals: Shauna “Dazzle” Dixon

Mix & Mastered: Sinkybeatz

Label: Fareast SoulJah Music

Recorded at Ikebukuro Studio Tokyo Japan


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