Discovering Moe Maurice, our artist of the day

Amorea Maurice Walker also known by his stage name “Moe Maurice”, is a HipHop/R&B music artist, songwriter and jeweler born and raised in Oakland, California. Growing up in a single-parent household forced Moe Maurice to experience difficulties that inspired his perspective and goals today. He watched his mother have financial hardships growing up and promised himself once he had gotten in a position to help his family, he would help as much as he can.

Moe Maurice’s musical influence came from music artist he admired such as Tupac, Jay-Z, Mac Dre, Nas, Notorious B.I.G and Lil Wayne.
He wants to inspire others to chase their dreams, take care of those in their communities and share his story through his discography. Moe Maurice’s biggest highlight of his career so far is headlining a tour in Australia. He has plans for another international tour coming very soon.

Moe Maurice’s latest project is named “Moetality”. His project released on all platforms July 1st,2022. Moe Maurice’s hopes with his latest project is to touch lives and do the same as those music artist before him and inspire his supporters to chase their dreams and take care of their family and their community.