Discovering the extraordinary Tuu Ra

Brooklyn visionary artist Tuu Ra releases a new banger entitled “Extraordinary”, produced by the French producer Kevin Mabz.

On 3rd day after release “Extraordinary” was spun on London’s Croydon FM “High Tea Show” by lovely host @Just_Leash !


The singer who started to make music at a very young age, drew a part of his inspiration from his Haitian and Jamaican roots and has been able to deliver an infectious musical recipe and a unique kind of versatility.

His latest banger “Extraordinary” is a song for women appreciation, and is built over a well-polished afro-pop production with sprinkles of RnB and is  created appealing from start to finish. Perfect to start this new month on the right foot. 

If we weren’t stuck in the middle of a pandemic, “Extraordinary” would’ve been the perfect track to shutdown a gig or a club night. Press play and add this to your playlists:

Welcome! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

 I go by the name Tuu Ra. A lot of the inspiration behind my music comes from my spiritual studies and practices. My father is who inspired my devotion to music. He’s been making music all his life as well and is a professional Hypnotherapist. In my younger years, I learned the majority of what I know about music and spirituality from him.

What is your main inspiration to create music?

My life experiences are mainly what inspires me to make music. They either serve as a medium to tell a story, share wisdom, or a tool by crafting the song lyrics as a personal mantra to feed my subconscious mind.

Do you have a specific creative process?

I have many approaches to making music, but as of late I have been getting better and entering a zone, trance-like state, and allowing my subconscious to present to me what I call “the perfect vibe”. I accomplish this by meditation, mantras, essential oils, and foods, either individually or in combination.

How would you describe your latest release?

The song extraordinary like a lot of my songs “wrote itself”. Late one night I was up looking to complete more songs for my album and I just went through some beats and burned some incense and came across this beat in my favorites. It instantly took me into a zone. A couple of hours later the song was done. I didn’t really have too much conscious effort in writing this song, to be honest. My plans for the future is to further develop my relationships with my international artist as I love to travel and experience different cultures. In doing this I expect to assist them in completing projects and doing more collaborations to add to my catalog.