Ehret Releases New Album “Gleaner”

Emerging musician Ehret releases new album “Gleaner”.

You know The-Further now, you are aware of our mission to discover rare pearl, rare artists who offer musical projects that stands out from the crowd. We got served today, thanks to our latest discovery: Ehret’s mesmerizing music. His new album “Gleaner” features 16 enjoyable tracks that infuses organic instruments and poetic vocal melodies. The project showcases his true potential as he shines on the bright experimentation through sounds and textures, between haunting voices and spirits coming from another planet. 

From “I’m Here Now”, to “The Convenant”, the melancholy wanders with grace through our soul.

Ehret creates out of the beaten tracks and has his own way to see music. He understands art like nobody else, actually, his whole project is the definition of art. Taking risks while exploring new musical worlds and shades. 

With a solid project under his belt, Ehret is surely destined for success in the near future. Press play: