Fresh: ‘Broken Love’, the new song by Saints Down

Saints Down is a well-rounded Canadian band that has released THE hit that will rock your ears and sweet evenings: ‘Broken Love’. Their music combines the energy of rock with the melodies of pop to a very successful outcome, and what’s special about this release is that we instantly know that it is a banger. 

The song is highly recommended to people who wants to appreciate real music, when quality meets creativity. The emotional-driven pop-rock ballad will resonate with more than one ears thanks to its story and above all contagious energy.  

“Broken Love is about a friend and his long time girlfriend. She was going through some personal things (depression) and it put a strain on their relationship. He wanted to help any way he could and was struggling to understand what was going on or how he could help.”

If they continue to release such gems, Saints Down consisting of Benjamin Doncom, Rob Palombo and Walter Riggi, will go very far in the industry as ‘Broken Love’ is among the greatest songs of 2022.

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Stay tuned because they are planning on releasing an original song every 2 months. We just can’t wait.