Let’s have a sweet Christmas with Vanessa Béjine’s splendid “Holidays”

While we were a bit bored by the same old Christmas songs from the same artists, Vanessa Béjine has brought fresh air to our soul. Thanks to her, the festive season will be rocked by sweet melodies. 

With “Holidays”, you are sure to end the year right as it delivers beautiful pop melodies, rocked by uplifting instruments and above all a generous, silky vocal performance that sounds like nobody else. This instantly gives joyful feelings and in cold and complex periods, Vanessa Béjine’s voice is what we need to warm our hearts up.

The LA singer immerses the audience in a few minutes of peaceful music and “Holidays” is the perfect pick for your festive dinners and Christmas parties. 

Thank you for this moment Vanessa Béjine. To all our readers: press play and add this gem to your best playlists :

“This latest release “Holidays” is my first Christmas song ever! I have been wanting to create an original Christmas song forever! I can now check that off my bucket list.
Holidays is about a bunch of my favorite things during Christmas time. Pumpkin egg nog, moms tamales, cinnamon pine cones, laughter & charades with family & friends etc.
Hoping it will bring some happy holiday spirit to many others las well.” Vanessa Béjine