New Business Alert: The Unsigned Paparazzi Platform

At The-Further, we are more than a music magazine, we have our eye on all the new trends and the good news for the industry. Our reportage today is about Unsigned Paparazzi, the new music platform 2.0 founded by Latrina Blackberry (the one who produced the annual event The Western Conference World’s Largest Hip Hop Industry Mixer Convention in Southern California)

Unsigned Paparazzi is the kind of site that all artists need, a huge help, and a gift for their career. Not only they will be able to promote, share, and sell their videos to fans, but they will also have the opportunity to network with producers, DJs, A&R, promoters. They will be able to find professional contacts to boost their music path. And it is not over, another big advantage of the site is that artists can also browse for beats! No more obstacle course!

If you are a fast thinker, you would have understood that Unsigned Paparazzi will be more than popular among music labels because this is exactly where they will have the talents they are looking for. What more could we ask for?

See you all there: