On repeat: “Zip It Up” by JBlanked feat Ana Celeste

You already know JBlanked as we already reviewed his music. The artist who made a strong impression on our redaction just stroke again. We heard “Zip It Up”, in collaboration with the incredible Ana Celeste

“Zip It Up” is the result of a great team effort, where two hip-hop soldiers meet to bless our ears with a banger. The game needed a track like that: the intense, trap-infused production perfectly completes Ana Celeste’s catchy and flawless rap. The multi-talented Ana Celeste raises the level of rap in an industry that started to care less about technique and creativity. 

Once you press play, your head bounces, you feel powerful and you listen to “Zip It Up” over and over. 

That’s an A+ hip-hop piece: 


“When I first sat down with Ana to discuss this song, we agreed the album had something for just about everyone, but what it was missing was something radio-appropriate and still a banger. We also knew we wanted to make the type of empowering song women would dance to, however we don’t believe women have to hypersexualize themselves to do that.  Basically, we wanted a hot, dope song featuring a woman with lyrics that flex, yet have nothing to do with her body. I made the beat to be similar to the hot local style like we’ve seen from Debo, a slow trap beat with a mysterious flair.

When writing these lyrics, Ana Celeste wanted to encourage women to chase the bag, protect their assets, and ignore what the opposite sex or social media might demand of them: “I been quiet on IG/You ain’t got nothin’ to see/Yeah, I’m really bout my biness but you won’t hear it from me.” The catchy hook, written by both Ana and myself, includes a hot, but friendly subliminal message: she wants to see her female competition step it up. With that in mind, Ana and I recorded the song over the course of a few days, experimenting with different bars and beats at the same time. What we came up with was a combination of what we both wanted for the track. After mixing and mastering, we poured up some champagne to celebrate—we knew it would be a hit. Contracts signed and bags secured, “Zip It Up” became the album’s grande finale.” JBlanked about Zip It Up.

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