Our exciting conversation of the day with Jordan O’Keefe

Today we fell in love with Jordan O’Keefe. The Irish singer seduced us and sent us right to heaven with his splendid husky voice.

The artist has dropped a new beautiful song entitled “Honest”. Tinted by catchy piano notes, a perfectly mastered singing and lyrics inspired by a personal love story that we can all relate to, the song is worthy of the greatest.

At the redaction, we love to be surprised and Jordan O’Keefe managed to satisfy our desire: vocal performance on top, unique voice, musically mature: he has everything!

Listen to “Honest” and discover our interview with Jordan O’Keefe below:

Welcome to the-further Jordan O’Keefe! We are happy to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

I am Jordan O’Keefe from Northern Ireland, I start music when my Dad’s mate handed me a guitar when I was about 6/7 and I held it like a player. So after that my Mum and Dad had bought me one and I played ever since.

We love your lyrics and the way you tell stories. What inspires you to write?

I love how music makes me feel, whether it be sad, happy etc. and when I have experienced something, the best way to get it out is write about it and hopefully have someone listen and make them find some comfort in it or bring back a memory.

How do you create your song? Do you have a specific process?

It usually starts with me being slightly hungover or already half-drunk lol. And I just find a nice chord progression, then a melody then the lyrics. I always think a really good song doesn’t take weeks/months to write. When it comes, it comes.

Your latest single “Honest” is splendid. It’s been a while that we haven’t heard such a musical quality. Tell us more about this single.

My newest single is about a time I was in love with someone who didn’t love me the same way. But if she needed someone there for her, my phone would ring and I’d be there. It usually ended up in something more that night but the next day it would all be different.

Your work is really promising! What are your plan for the future and your musical career?

I plan to build my social media following, keep releasing music and get the name out there. Show people how hard I’ve worked for this and exactly what I can do. I believe that I’m good enough to succeed, I just need to work my ass off now.



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