Out Now: “BARE” by the outstanding TR!C

You may be looking for a little pleasant break, a few moments of musical bliss to get you out of the moment.

With TR!C, you will be served. His eclectic and avant-garde music transports us and surprises us, at a time where the media are on repeat about Corona,  and in an area where radios only play the same songs over and over.

The artist of Congolese and Haitian origins, based in Chicago, draws his strength and his creative light from his travels, his roots, and offers diverse music, but whose universe is coherent. A universe made of outstanding creativity, and a mixture of genres.

Between hip-hop, rock, but also Caribbean touches, he takes you onboard and leaves you no chance: it makes you addicted.

We had the pleasure to discover his latest release,  a 7 tracks album “BARE”. The successful genre-blending instrumentation is unique and completely surprising. TR!C’s voice is recognizable, the kind of voice that is never heard before.

Infectious and far from the current musical codes, “BARE” is fresh air in the industry. TR!C is among the artists of today, and tomorrow, the ones you should follow without further delay: