Paolo Virdis Unveils Abisso (Abyss)

Turin-based artist Paolo Virdis drops new track “Abisso (Abyss)”

At The-Further, we like artists who have their own sound and who have the creativity to propose something different. These artists are rare, but they exist and when we discover one like that, be sure that we hold on them.

This is were our discovery of the day steps in: “Abisso (Abyss)” by the Italian producer-composer Paolo Virdis.

“Abisso (Abyss)” is a captivating track, a musical journey through dark electro sounds, through space and mysteries. From the first notes, we were caught into intense feelings while each sonority brought us to other planets. We’ve found ourselves facing intimate emotions, and the sound was our loophole.

Paolo Virdis successfully created a unique world, a world that needs to be experiment right now:


Dont forget to connect with Paolo Virdis on Instagram HERE.