Release alert : “A Guided Wav” by WavLord, hosted By Chief keef’s DJ, DJ Amaris

WavLord will continue to make noise on the hip-hop scene and will triple his success for 2022 and beyond. You will agree by listening to his latest project “A Guided Wav”, hosted by DJ Amaris, Chief keef’s official DJ.

The 11-track album is a huge musical revelation, the definition of hip-hop in all its glory. The opus travels from trap to classic sounds, passing by dirty south sonorities. We were impressed by WavLord‘s hard-hitting flow and epic lyrics contents. 

From the intro to “Unsigned Pain”, “A Guided Wav” is infectious, and authentic, and it’s been a while since we did not hear such a qualitative hip-hop record. WavLord is the kind of artist who can bring a new direction to the game, and who knows how to capture the audience’s heart.

Press play right now, and be ready to get addicted:

“Music is the main resource for expressing myself. We all have similar stories & upbringings, I just hope you accept mine.” WavLord.