Release of the weekend: “Empty” by Californian singer-songwriter Raymond Revel

When you write in an online magazine, you receive many comments asking for music recommendations. Indeed, our mission is to find the latest rare artist in which we believe, known or not, and share them with our readers.

Well, today we have the best choice for you. An artist you will like to listen to no matter the mood, the day, or the situation: we have the pleasure to introduce you to Raymond Revel.

Singer-Songwriter from California, Raymond Revel just released a new single entitled “Empty”, a musical moment with profound lyrics, but full of joy.

Raymond Revel’s particular and sweet voice tells a story in which he turns doubt into positive energy. The rhythm, the production, and electro-pop elements all blend with a perfect voice realisation. We are not surprised to hear that the artist started to play the piano at 5 and to write his own lyrics at only 11.

Listening to “Empty”, is a great way to escape our cold winter days, through Raymond Revel’s voice. This is what you feel when you fall on a good pop track. The song is a nice surprise that will surely make you want to discover a little more about Raymond Revel, so make sure to listen to “Empty” and to follow him right now:

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