Hell of a moment with Son of Satan

It’s been a while that we did not have a real moment of authentic music. Something to make your soul moving, to shake you up. Well, we were not disappointed with our latest discovery: his name is Son of Satan, real name Orion Luminiferous, and he comes straight from America.

Cruelly powerful, his album “Infernal Music Theory” unveils a musical recipe between dark hip-hop and rock energy, but also lyrics carnage, grim, and meaningful. The rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer Son of Satan expresses his guts, authentically and rawly which is rare these times!

Dive into “Infernal Music Theory” right now:


Fact: Son Of Satan was born in Fresno, CA and raised in foster homes throughout his childhood as an impoverished youth. It was within this aspect of grim circumstances that Orion found music creation to be a positive expression of the cold world which he knew growing up. As a fatherless orphan he took the name Son of Satan to brand his social status among humanity.

Discover our captivating interview with him right now:

What inspires you to write and create such a universe?

I am inspired by Satan …this drive inside of me to make music. I only listen to myself. I am not inspired by other artists at all. I make every song from scratch with my own unique ingenious creativity. The music is my alchemy, it is the perfection of my music that inspires me, the expression of my genius creative mind.

Do you have a specific creative process?

My creative process is to produce a beat using brilliant infernal music theory. I write the sheet music for my beats. Then I write the lyrics, record them and then sound engineer my own audio since I’m a professional audio engineer. Then I do my own photography/album covers and music videos. Finally I release my songs through my own label Pitch Black Fire Records.

How can you describe your album “Infernal Music Theory”?

The album, Infernal Music Theory, is based on all the songs I made for school for 3 separate music classes: Songwriting, computer music production and audio engineering. I’m a straight A 4.0 GPA music student at Fresno City College and I got A’s on all the songs. I also have straight A’s in math up through Calculus 2. The math I took for fun because it’s tied to my audio engineering brilliance.

What can we expect from you in the future?

What I plan for the future is to complete the magnum opus of my alchemy, the perfection of my holy music creation that will denounce the existence of God forever in this world with supreme power and genius, scientific lyricism.

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