Introducing CRS Recording, a studio 3.0

Today, we take a look at one of the best recording studios. If you’re a musician/ singer, looking to record your latest project, then you are welcome to read our review about CRS Recording. 

More and more artist record themselves at home, for practical or financial reasons. But it’s never better than recording with a team especially teams like you can find in CRS studio. Opened in August 2022 and located in Rubio, Iowa, the specificity of the studio is that you can work with them in person or remotely. Ingenious!

With a quality-focused vision, the studio guarantee that all artists’ needs will be honoured. CRS recording offers great facilities, a knowledgeable studio engineer that is Paul William Turner, the owner himself, and three levels and one of the worlds largest control rooms. Therefore, the studio contains high-quality gear and equipment, with everything you need, plus the addition of several Neumann mics in a complete microphone collection.

Paul William Turner has nearly 20 years working in the music industry and with such expertise and passion, you will be sure to be accompanied the best way possible no matter the service you are looking for, including voiceover recording, mixing, production, mastering, vocal & instrument tuning, musician focused photography shoots.

“The key for me is finding something I love in every session and then building from that point on. First and foremost I want to create music that means something… Then, I want to make that sound translate across multiple platforms to create a sound all listeners will enjoy.”, says Paul.

The studio offer is impressive but doesn’t stop here CRS also plays a role in promoting the music you will record there as they own their Playlist where you can be featured. 

You would have understood it, if you are looking for a new place to create, work and record, look further no and reach them here at