A conversation with The Masamune for the release of his eponym EP

14.09: The-further meets with The Masamune!

Today we are excited to meet with the outstanding The Masamune, whose self-titled EP has been reviewed with our redaction.

We were honoured to know more about the intriguing artist who made a strong impression with “The Masamune EP”.

Who is he? What are his musical secrets? Discover our interview with The Masamune below!

We are excited to have you today! Can you introduce yourself to our redaction?

Yes! I’m Chris Masamune, creator of The Masamune! Nice to meet you!

What does The Masamune mean to you, how did you come with that name?

From an artistic standpoint, it is a concept. Meant to represent a figurative weapon indicative of a certain niche. I learned of the name as a child in books about Japanese folklore then later in various Role Playing Video Games such as Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, the Castlevania Series, and more. The name originally originates from Gorō Nyūdō Masamune whom was a master swordsmith in the Kamakura Period in the Sagami Province of Japan. So, that would be mid-1200 or so, Medieval times basically. My fascination in it began when I’d realized the prestige and historical importance of his work through reading of its praise throughout time, and of course the Katana always being an extremely powerful weapon on every video game it popped up in. I started using it in chat rooms and forum-based websites as a screen name in the early 2000’s, for profiles in online gaming, then eventually as a producer alias. 

How would you define your music and artistry?

Although Drum and Bass is a central point of focus for me because of its continuity and danceable nature, my music has no set genre nor style. Production sessions take shape as I feel in the moment. 

The Masamune EP has a cinematic and epic touch. What is the story and the inspirations behind it?

I produced under the alias/moniker “Masamune” without “The” for years. This EP is self-titled The Masamune to introduce the name update. There are indeed meanings behind the track names and how the excerpts and moods correlate, but I also don’t mind them being ambiguous and open to personal interpretation. You’ll just have to listen lol.

What is your musical evolution and what can we expect from you in the future?

This EP directly plays into the full length LP that will hopefully see a 2022 release on Ohm Resistance. In the meantime I have more remixes and work coming out on various platforms in the coming months. Thank you so much for giving me the time! You can always follow me on Instagram @Therealmasamune or on Facebook as The Masamune! Thank you the-further!

Listen to his music HERE