On repeat: The Masamune EP, the best project of the month

Our artist of the week, The Masamune, has unveiled a splendid new eponym EP.

Our end of the month is full of hope in the music industry thanks to The Masamune EP where captivating sonorities and epic energy meet together to invite the audience into an extraordinary musical journey.

From “Spin”, the powerful opening, to the intense “We’re doomed”, the 5 tracks opus delivers a new artistic world and productions that strays from the norm between Drum and Bass, Orchestral touches, and subtle Jungle elements.

Tracks like “Doomslayer”, remixed by legendary DJ Hidden, showcases a certain vision for unveiling vanguard sonorities and proves that The Masamune knows who to surround himself with, to deliver only quality and remarkable sensations. 

If we had to define The Masamune’s music with conventional words, we would say that it is the definition of ART. When music meets with our feelings and brings us straight to an unknown world.

Be ready to discover a masterpiece of 2021, right now: