PROJECT GH6ST – A newly founded UK based streetwear brand, formed by creatives and evident in their approach with consistently great aesthetics throughout, we take a further look into their debut release of t-shirts and why they are a brand growing quickly in popularity.


Wild Hearts Never Lose – A bold message conveyed through a deliberate choice of a loud graphic; contrasting greys and blacks on a white t-shirt, combining the proverbial cultures of graffiti/street art and rebellion with a fitting message; ‘Wild Hearts Never Lose’.


Friday the 6th – Displaying their innovative spin on branding with this detailed graphic print t-shirt. Incorporating the number 6 from PROJECT GH6ST to combine ingeniously and have their own play on one of the most recognised movies in cinematic history. The large print is yet another indication of the brands meticulousness when it comes to attention to detail, visible in this eye-catching and vintage like graphic.


Nightmares – “We all have them”. A mixture of a simplistic and front text-only design with minimal text and tones, to a vibrant and eye-catching vintage poster-like back print, again taking influence in the theme of nostalgia and vintage cinematics.

It is clear from this debut release by PROJECT GH6ST their intent to offer a collection which showcases their characteristics as a brand with an ability to express various ideas and meanings through differing styles.

Although difficult to communicate a brand in it’s entirety from a debut collection, let alone 3 t-shirts, what we’ve so far acts as a great measure of things to come from the brand and one thing we can be sure PROJECT GH6ST does not lack, is the expertise to adapt, experiment and create with ease.

To find out more by PROJECT GH6ST and to stay updated:

Webstore: www.PROJECTGH6ST.com

Instagram: @projectgh6st