Dive into Kaleida’s Unique World with the “In Arms” EP

Photo: Benjamin Hampson

We invite you to delve into the unique world of Kaleida, a transatlantic duo whose EP “In Arms” captivates listeners. Known for their track “Think,” featured in the “John Wick” soundtrack starring Keanu Reeves, Kaleida takes you on a journey through melancholic pop tinged with trip-hop and a dark yet ethereal atmosphere.

The EP showcases perfectly orchestrated melodies that are intense and arranged with both poetry and tension. From “Hollow” to “Don’t Turn Me Out,” listeners are hypnotized by mysterious instruments, soothing rhythms, and celestial soundscapes.

“Stranger” stands out as one of the most memorable tracks, making you dance while releasing your emotions. Its subtle retro elements evoke heartwarming memories. Special mention goes to “Endless Youth,” which introduces subtly tribal percussion and exceptionally pure sounds, creating a sonic bath of rejuvenation. This track leaves you feeling healed and at peace.

“In Arms” is a compelling blend of hauntingly beautiful music and emotionally charged arrangements, offering a unique listening experience. This EP firmly establishes Kaleida as an inspiring force in the contemporary music scene, promising more enchanting sounds in the future. Press play:

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