A-Milli announce their debut single “Bumble Bee”.

“Bumble Bee”, by the A-Milli: out on October 1st!

We discovered the most exciting act around: A-Milli thanks to their member and vocalist AntTheVillain. The group stands out from the crowd and innovates through an infectious hip-hop recipe between vanguard sonorities and old-school vibrations.

We are glad to announce that they are about to release their very debut single ” Bumble Bee”, a banger that will showcase their artistic personality, charisma and their talent for writings. It will immerse the audience into an addictive and earthy sound that favours the human connection between the musicians, rather than hiding their work under an excessive layer of studio trickery.

With “Bumble Bee”, A-Milli will introduce themself to the world the best way possible, and it will place them among the greatest hip-hop artists.

“Bumble Bee” will be out on October 1st on all Musical platforms.

Meanwhile, listen to AntTheVillain music right now: