A moment out of earth with Julianna Joy and her beautiful new EP “Cherries”

What if we gave ourselves a few minutes of lightness, a beautiful journey to disconnect from our daily routine?

We have found exactly what we needed with our discovery of the day: Julianna Joy. An author who discovered her talent for music and who is only 18! Unbelievable…! At this young age, her latest release, entitled “Cherries”, is a little musical jewel.

Touches of electro-pop sonorities, with amazingly written texts and some sound experimentation, Julianna Joy has her own recipe to deliver her story. “Cherries” is an emotional trip through colours, imagination and feelings.

The project opens with “Nevermind“. The song offers beautiful and reassuring guitars blended with electro elements. “I am not the one, but I wish I was”, she sings with her young pure but mature unique voice.

Cherry Bomb” is also one of our favourite tracks, Julianna Joy delivers an extraordinary vocal performance on a powerful production.

“Cherries” ends with “Poseidon”, a splendid ballad highlighting the singer sensibility and sensuality:

We are extremely impressed by all the talent that we heard in this EP. Also, we appreciated the fact that the singer brings something different from what is already existing in the industry.

And again, Julianna Joy is only 18. She might take quite fast her place among the biggest Pop Stars.

You better follow and listen to “Cherries” now: