Kilo House returns with a new album entitled “The Witching Hour”

We already talked about Kilo House, one of our favorite discoveries of the year. We discovered him thanks to R.U.N, released a few months ago. 

Kilo House is back with a new project for our greatest delight, and it is entitled “The Witching Hour”. 

From xXx Files, to Mr. Sadman, the bonus track, the 6 tracks project unveils a heavy atmosphere between Bass and Trap music, and it is infectious as hell. Horrific but intense. The sound immerses us in a suspenseful movie, in which dark electronic synthesizer and haunting drums make the law, 

“People take life way too seriously, I write the Trap music that I do to hopefully show my fans the fun nature that life truly is. Turn up, and then Stay up.” Says Kilo House. “The Witching Hour” is surprising and we admire Kilo House’s creativity as he brings something different on the table. An opus that you need to experience right now:

Intern note: Streaming platforms link will be changed at the release date.