A musical journey with Dr L.K

As you may know, our redaction is more into urban and black music. But on top of that, we mostly appreciate creative and unique artists, capable of bringing something new to the table. 

This is the reason why we are proud to have discovered Dr L.K aka Lincoln Kennedy, an emerging artist hailing from the UK. 

Dr L.K’s music is a real journey. The production, the vocals as well as the inspirations: Dr LK covers and works with black music. We can hear R&B, Rap, but also Reggae!

We appreciate the artistic research and experimentation. The track “Keep calm, Stand firm”, one of our favorite, illustrates well our point:

With Dr LK’s music, there is something to suit all tastes. “Move mountains” ft Alicia Renee is the perfect track for parties and for clubs, while “Father Figure” immerses us in old school rap and R’n’B classic vibes:

We have even found pop-inspired tracks like the beautiful “I’ll Be Around”, in which we can find a nice dose of experimentation between rap and pop voices in the chorus. 

As we are sure you have understood, Dr L.K is the kind of talent able to serve up his own cocktail across the music genres. Make sure to discover his work:




“Be yourself, know yourself, loose yourself, find yourself and gain your worth in life. You are your solitary investment in life, so make it count, make it happen, just believe.”Dr L.K