A perfect monday with Slipping Away, a hit by Robbie Agnew

Today is the return from the Christmas holiday: we already are so nostalgic! Starting this special day with a good quality song is what we need. Our musical discovery is particularly timely! It is entitled Slipping Away by Canadian singer Robbie Agnew. Enough to have a sweet week. 


From the first notes of the song, we have been in love with Robbie Agnew’s voice. Slipping Away is a splendid pop song. The melodies, the production, it takes us into peaceful and quiet places. It also reminded us of Ed Sheeran and even Tracy Chapman’s vibe in a way. Robbie Agnew has the talent to reach your heart and make you addicted to his music. 

As you will have understood, Slipping Away has a legitimate place among the biggest pop hits. Discover the song without delay.

We can’t wait to follow his steps into the music industry, and we won’t miss any future songs. Find more information on Robbie Agnew’s website. 

Meanwhile, Slipping Away is now in our Spotify playlist BEST OF THE MONTH#7