A perfect Sunday with “When I See Your Face”, by Matthew Dick

Our discovery of the day is entitled “When I See Your Face”, by Matthew Dick, the best song of the weekend that will probably make our whole musical month. 

From the first notes, we fell in love with the artist’s vocal performance and the beautiful melodies. A rare moment of grace, simple but pure. The song is an acoustic pop ballad unveiling attractive guitars melodies which match perfectly with Matthew Dick’s alluring vocals. 

The singer made us travel  through love, and through feelings. “When I See Your Face” made us literally disconnected from the reality. A sure musical bet to have a blessed day in an area where music and love is often neglected. 

Written for his girlfriend and future wife, “When I See Your Face” is also Matthew’s first song, which is unbelievable, but promising! We can not wait to hear more of his work. Meanwhile, listen to the extraordinary “When I See Your Face” right now: