A pleasant musical journey with Sean Saint Velvet’s music

Sean Saint Velvet is a singer and songwriter who will accompany us our whole week. The artist, who is also a Marine Corps veteran, convinced our ears and heart thanks to his latest project: “Just Telling My Story”.

In a world where many artists tend to make music with machines, the 8 track project unveils a pure musical gift between folk and pop melodies.

The beautiful guitar melodies, the overwhelming vocal performances: Sean Saint Velvet showcases his talent for turning emotions into music and poetry.

Be ready to fall in love:

Discover Sean Saint Velvet in 4 questions now:

Who are you?

I’m Sean Saint Velvet and I started to play the guitar in the Marines to cope with my PTSD

What inspires you to write music?

I’m inspired to write music because it frees my soul. Helps me deal with the burdens of life.

What do you plan for the future?

I recently moved down to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and I’m going to continue writing and playing music.