But who are these “French Mademoiselles”? These young ladies “made in Paris” already have nearly 200,000 downloads on Youtube and Spotify, download platforms on which we can already find titles from their first album set to be released in a few months.

These artists offer a tangy pop, performed by Mademoiselle K.T (Miss Katia, a Frenchwoman) and Mademoiselle L (Miss Lexie, an American), coated with cynical, funny and nihilistic texts.

All these titles are produced by Thierry WOLF (FGL Productions), who celebrates his company’s 40th anniversary with other incredible productions like Iggy Pop’s bands of the live album at the Olympia available at the same time as the first single from the chic and sexy artistic collective.

The French Mademoiselles set the pace for this commemorative year for the French label by offering the first single from an album to be released in fall (“Femmes de Paris” – Anthology’s label) then a second track “Mon Roméo”, a slow jazzy-mood whose text reserves some surprises.

“Jacqueline Taïeb inspired me with this name French Mademoiselle” indicates the producer … A “trademark” now taken over by the Parisian artistic collective, this term “French Mademoiselle” having already toured the globe since it was also the name of the album of the 60’s French pop priestess globally known for her title“ 7 heures du Matin ”:“ The Parisian duo is truly dubbed by our fetish composer, she adores the titles of the French Mademoiselles album and the particular spirit of the group which is reminiscent of her own ”, says the producer who has also concocted no less than fourteen videos for the Paris collective, then took the tapes under his arm to have them mixed in London by one of the best English producers (Roger Béchirian to whom we owe the sound of the Pretenders, Elvis Costello or the Monkees).

“Iggy Pop is the quintessence of rock energy, and the French Mademoiselles are the best of Parisian chic. We could also dream of a trio between our two luscious singers and the former leader of the Stooges”, he adds.

Recorded in Paris during lockdown by the best French musicians under the leadership of composers Jacques Ferchit and Jacky Delance, the French Mademoiselles album will be unveil online throughout the coming months … Same for the video clips which are both sexy and facetious. A pop and sexy summer with the French Mademoiselles, whose third title is about the plastic of their boyfriends or even yours … Our young ladies making fun of machos and other Sunday sportsmen.

The fourth track “Femme de Paris” offers a return to a very Parisian sensuality and presents a mythical capital that one dreams of never seeing disappear … At least in the songs and thoughts of the “French Mademoiselles” fans, whether they are boys or girls. We are already announcing their presence on stage in a few months … For a private concert somewhere on a Parisian houseboat … No doubt the public will try to approach this chic and shocking duo which gives a little colour to its pop bubble gum made in France.

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