A Weekend with the mysterious Atomic Rebel

ATTENTION: our discovery of the day is EXPLOSIVE. Better sit down and hold on tight! Let us introduce you to Atomic Rebel, a mysterious, anonymous artist. He might come from Mars or another unknown planet? Everything we know about him is his music. And we are not disappointed.

Proper Propaganda, his new 5 tracks opus, is a formidable mix of genres like Trap, EDM, Industrial music. From the first listen, we are immediately immersed in a beautiful chaotic atmosphere.

We imagined Atomic Rebel, with an Anonymous mask on his face, behind the mixing desk, in a Berliner warehouse turned into The Rave party of the year. And us into a trance, letting go of our daily life and dancing like never.

Powerfull beats and rhythms, big machines and huge energy, Atomic Rebel has something to become an unescapable reference in his field.

We also liked the experimental touch that we have heard in tracks like “Chthulu”. Another proof of limitless creativity and interesting artistic research.

Atomic Rebel is definitely the kind of artist we will follow and that we would love to party with. We would also love to invite him for an interview….To be continued… In the meantime, discover Atomic Rebel‘s music, now in our playlist BEST OF THE MONTH#7: