An unexpected travel with Zeanix: discover our Interview right now!

Zeanix, an artist out of this earth!

Our second exclusive 2020 interview is with a talented composer&producer named Zeanix. As you might know, our redaction team is always looking for rare and unique talent. Artists whose music doesn’t fit into boxes, and ready to take risks with their creativity. This is exactly what we’ve found into Zeanix’s music.

An electronic world with Trip-Hop touches in Sol and Slow Burn and other surprises like industrial or electronica moments as in Anemonia: we can always try to describe Zeanix’s music, but it is not really doable as he has his recipe.

Each track has a universe, its own truth, and we have a special and an amazing moment while listening to Zeanix’s music. A journey between the planets!

Welcome to The-Further Zeanix! We are excited to have you for this interview. Could you tell us what led you into the music world?

I remember the first time I knew I wanted to be a part of music was when I was 13 years old and happened upon the music video for KoЯn’s Somebody Someone. It was dark and angry and I don’t know why, but I loved it. I got together with a few other angsty teens and we formed a metal band that had some local success. Around the same time, I had a friend who had a cousin with a music program called Rave eJay – where you can arrange sound samples to form a song – and I spent a lot of time on it. So, at the time, I was simultaneously into metal and electronic music and once my band decided to disband, I turned to electronic music. At that point, I wanted to rely solely on myself to be able to create every aspect of a song and develop my songwriting skills over time.

You don’t sound like anything we’ve heard so far. We like your artistic research and horizons. What inspires you to write music ?

I create because I love creating and music happens to be what I love creating most. I also know that music has had a profound impact on my life and maybe, for that reason, I want to give back what I was given- I want to contribute to music because music contributed to me.

We were amazed to hear how your music can take us in several and different worlds. We never got bored while listening to your tracks. What is your creation process?

Composition and production, to me, is like cooking. Maybe you have an idea of what you’re in the mood for, so you think about what ingredients you’ll need. You taste some of the ingredients ahead of time, especially if you’ve never made this before and make sure the flavor profile matches up. Sometimes you’ll discover a surprising combination. If you’ve cooked with some of the ingredients before, you understand their cook time, purpose and placement. Add some seasoning to spice it up and taste, taste, taste until it reaches your point of satisfaction. Once all the elements are in place, figure out how you want to plate it because presentation is part of what makes the dish desirable and delicious.

You recently released your first official album is entitled ODDiO. A 13 surprising tracks opus. We are fans of Anemonia, Slow Burn, The Egg, to name a few. Could you tell us more about the story of ODDiO?

My first official album, ODDiO, is a sort of collection of myself over time; a formation of who I’ve become. The oldest track on the album, Bleached Veins, was written in 2011 and came about from a glitch in a demo recording of an indie song that was given to me to re-record while in college. Funk It almost didn’t make the cut for legal reasons and because I lost the original project file. I had to recreate it from scratch and that gave me the opportunity to have a friend contribute his guitar skills. The final song I wrote for the album was The Egg and it had to be this epic- nearly 3 songs in 1- evolution of sound. The Egg is intended to set up an ongoing narrative between albums. With that being said, I decided to release ODDiO on December 13th, a Friday, because that’s always fun and because 2019 had so many artists that I admire release an album and I wanted to be a part of that.

2020 has just started! What do you plan for the year and the future?

My current objective is to develop a live show that’ll be more fascinating than someone standing up on stage, playing music. There is a profound visual element to this project and I want to express that. I’m also laying down the mental framework for my next album, where I intend to make it more cohesive, fluid, dynamic and plot-driven.

LISTEN TO ODDiO NOW and make sure to connect with Zeanix’s Youtube Channel.