Anonymous17’s ‘HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES’ EP Takes Listeners on a Journey Through Sound and Emotions

Chicago based artist Anonymous17‘s latest EP “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES” is a breathtaking and innovative exploration of music and emotions. From the very first track “Love Light Peace Harmony”, Anonymous17 sets the tone by creating a unique atmosphere with spoken words and solar R&B melodies. The EP is a delightful surprise, blending vanguard R&B, electronic beats, and rock sonorities like in the track “Help.”

“Help acknowledges young girls and women who struggle with their self-image, sadness, depression, or anxiety in a society riddled with pornography which sadly often rates females by their appearance.”

In “I Love You,” Anonymous17 showcases her powerful and deep vocals, her talent for vocal arrangements, transporting listeners into a world of raw emotions and passion. “Feel the Power” is a true invitation to dance, with its catchy beats and energetic rhythm that will make you move your feet.

The EP is a musical experience on its own, inviting listeners on a journey through different moods and imagination. Anonymous17‘s music has the power to transport you to a different world, to make you feel and live music in a new way. With “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES,” and at a very young age, the artist proves hat she is a master of her craft, pushing boundaries and breaking barriers in the music industry. This EP is a must-listen for anyone who wants to discover new and exciting sounds and emotions: