Ellie Grace presents: Better Off Alone

September 2021 – Some artists do more than just creating songs: they make powerful and bold statements there are uniquely inspiring for the audience, and themselves. This most definitely happens to be the case of Ellie Grace, a young and talented singer and songwriter who recently released a brand new studio single named Better Off Alone. This song actually combines a wide range of influences, as its footprint is typical of pop music, but there is something more that adds flavor and spice to the mix. For example, those amazing effect-laden guitar tones are just gorgeous, adding so much depth of sound to the whole arrangement. In addition to that, the big drums and the scope of the arrangement really adds a beautiful contrast to Ellie’s intimate vocal style. The lyrics are quite impressive as well, as they feel very powerful and self-affirming. This is a song about finding empowerment in being on your own, realizing that at times it is much better to be alone than to be with the wrong type of people in your life!

Find out more about Ellie Grace, and do not miss out on Better Off Alone, which is currently available on the web.

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