Arella Devorah’s Hauntingly Dark, Yet Powerful, Vocals Shine as She Sings Her Rendition of ‘Fire on Fire’ by Sam Smith

Arella Devorah is a singer, who is known for her hauntingly dark, yet powerful vocals, along with a level of musical maturity that is way beyond sensational.

We love her slowed down and stripped version of Sam Smith’s song ‘Fire on Fire’ from his soundtrack ‘The Watership Down’ film. With nothing but her raw vocals over piano, recorded out of her bedroom, her version emphasizes the emotions of a tale about intense passion and pain between lovers. Her beautiful, yet powerful, vocals shine through the simplicity of this musical piece. As you listen to the song, you can hear and feel the depth of emotion in her voice. It takes you on a heartfelt journey of the intense power of romantic love, even through the dangers of it, that are like flames that arouse an unstoppable passion.

It’s easy to get lost in this version of the song, with classical piano in the background, as she sings in her rich lower register, and then gracefully transitions to a light and airy sound, creating a hauntingly beautiful musical piece. The lyrics are still just as poignant and meaningful as they were when they first came out, but Arella Devorah sings the song through her own perspective and musical style. You can hear her passion behind every word she sings, which makes it hard not to feel moved by this performance.

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