Q&A with Davie

We caught up with powerhouse singer-songwriter Davie around the release of his latest track “Break A Sweat”.

– Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the music industry?

I started in gospel music, my dad had a gospel music label and we did records and songs with the church choir on that label. Then I began to write my own songs and pursue songwriting when we would take trips to Nashville.

– What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and who were some of your earliest musical influences?

I loved listening to music at a young age, music was always a part of all the roadtrips, and events I did as a kid. So I really wanted to make music, because I had seen how impactful it had been to my life

– Your latest release, “Break A Sweat”, is a funky anthem designed to spread positivity and energy. What was the inspiration behind this track?
For me, when I feel like I am in a negative funk, I need to shift that into a positive energy and I feel movement, joy, and dancing really help with that for me.

– The track is described as a wake-up call and a form of therapy through music. Can you elaborate on the message you hope listeners take away from “Break A Sweat”?
Yeah for me, movement is so key to my mental health, dancing and also some of the lyrics are very “ sassy ” which is fun to be confident and extra in your lyrics.

– In what ways do you prioritize joy and fun in your music, especially during challenging times?
I try to have a moment of laughter and silliness throughout my day. I am not really one to soak, but even on a great day, life can just hit any of us in various ways. I like to be prepared with a fun playlist.

– Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases or projects?
A few more songs, then an EP in the late Spring/ early Summer.

– Lastly, how do you hope your music impacts listeners, and what do you ultimately want to achieve with your artistry?
I think I want my listeners to create an experience with the music and truly have fun with, get married to it, play it at a reception.
Listen below: