Artist highlight: discovering Ocean & Wavz

Ocean & Wavz are both descendants of mixed ancestry. Even though worlds apart growing up, they had similar experiences and up bringing ethics from their childhood days.

Ocean is born Tahitian, mixed parentage from Canton and Sweden. Wavz is born Malaysian, mixed parentage from Japan and Singapore.Ocean & Wavz are also the founder of WAVZ PTE LTD, a music production house and events company currently operating in Singapore.

They may be working off either from Shanghai, Singapore or Paris, depending on where most work would find them in the 3 cities.Being able to travel and work in different locations brings them new perspectives of life, work, and most of all, meeting new people.

Ocean & Wavz prefers to rely solely on getting an inspiration deriving from the environment, or even from doing daily chores before they decide what music to make. They also prefer to explore different genres of music and have lots of fun making them. For listening pleasure, the preferred genres are Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Deep Tech.

Stream their music now: