Artist spotlight: MAYA ISACOWITZ shares a stunning single ‘Nature Is My Hood’

In those grey periods, it was time to give ourselves a little sweetness and love. The track you are about to discover will bless your ears and your soul.

Released by award-winning pop singer-songwriter MAYA ISACOWITZ, ‘Nature Is My Hood’ is indeed among the best track of this new season. The Israeli takes us on a pleasant musical journey that honours nature, with sensibility and power.

‘Nature Is My Hood’ is a song unveiling emotional-driven melodies with mystical electronic elements, and above all MAYA ISACOWITZ’s unique vocal tone. The chorus is addictive and empowering.

“This song is a love song for nature, it came out of wanting to be ok with being on my own. Finding the wholeness in myself and not depending on someone else to fill a void. It was recorded partly in my home studio (surrounded by nature), and produced together with my music partner Omry Amado. As a part of conveying a sense of freedom and innocence I recorded my nieces and nephews singing the line: “Nature is my hood, I’m alone but I’m good”, and it became the main sample of the chorus.” – Maya Isacowitz

A strong message, communicative energy showcasing Maya Isacowitz‘s talent and immense potential, artistic finesse: Nature Is My Hood’ is a success, both melancholic and hopeful.

Listent and watch it now: