Best album of the week: “The Mind’s Mirror” by Big O

Our weekend starts on a high note thanks to our new musical addiction: a 20-tracks album “The Mind’s Mirror” by the extraordinary producer, engineer and DJ Big O.

Coming straight from the UK, he has shared the best album of the month, and probably the whole summer. From “Unfulfilled Desire” to “Desire Fulfilled”, the opus is nothing but infectious and brilliant. It effortlessly combines real hip-hop and soulful sonorities, bringing us back to our best musical souvenirs.

The musical journey is pure, pleasant, almost healing, with groovy sensations and splendid soundscapes. “The Mind’s Mirror” also features instrumentation from the likes of David Williams II, Abel Boquera, CanCori, Melvin Toussaint & Onisor Rodila.

Big O has a well-deserved place among the best artists of his generation, in a world where quality and creativity is often neglected. He gave us hope in the industry again.

“The Mind’s Mirror” is literally an ‘audio dream’. Dive into it right now: