Carameladora offers a peaceful moment through ‘Follow me’

As the cold is settling around us and the news are not optimistic, we needed at the-further to have a peaceful moment. Our project of the day allowed us to disconnect from this grey routine: ‘Follow me’ by Bucharest-based artist Carameladora.

The artist has created a new and healing musical world from ‘Follow’, the opening, to ‘Friends’, the last track. The cinematic and organic opus is blessed by ambient sounds, magical synthesizers and relaxing energy.

While listening to it, we are immersed in the splendid nature, we let go of everything. We imagine ourselves, flying through time, through space. The avant-garde touche and experimental rock sonorities also took us by surprise, which showcases Carameladora’s limitless creativity.

‘Follow me’ is a beautiful gift, that gives us hope, joy and peace: