Cross Channel Music presents ‘Man In A Dream’

Cross Channel Music (solo project of the talented Pierre Lassegues) has a passion for natural sounds and instinctive melodies. In an age of over-processed music where it’s hard to find something authentic and direct, this remarkable recording project sets out to focus on refined and tasteful musicality. Listen out for signature minimalistic acoustic guitar tones and charming songwriting chops, inspired by some of the best alt-country, folk, and Americana, with a bit of an indie touch thrown in for good measure. The album is wonderfully versatile, from kooky opening track ‘Visit our School’ to the upbeat ‘All the Effers’, dropping off at statement singles ‘Bygone Days’ and ‘Butter on Hot Toast’. Be sure not to miss the gentle, brooding lull of ‘DJs’ before it erupts into a mesh of indie guitars and tamborine.

You should definitely check out Cross Channel Music’s most recent studio release if you do enjoy the sound of artists such as Bright Eyes, Francis Moon, Elliott Smith or Neil Young! Cross Channel Music shares a common passion for being honest and direct in their songwriting, refraining from studio trickery and letting his music tell the rest of the story, creating a more honest connection with his listeners.

Stream the album:

Pierre Lassegues: vocals and bass
Gilles Francois: drums
Cecile Ratovoherizo: guitar and backing vocals
Cover art by Yannick Rigour

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