Dance Track released by Australian Pop Singer T8iana as a reaction to LGTBI hate attack shooting

The recent hate attack shooting at the Gay nightspot Club Q in Colorado Springs, U.S, was the last straw for Australian Pop singer T8iana who is a strong advocate for the LGTBI+ community. T8iana, a talented musician, who has met with success on the UK i-tunes top 40 and 100 dance charts throughout 2022 and who was also featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine’s Global artist spotlight earlier this year, has called for increased measures towards the safety of the community in Australia. 

As a flamboyant yet strong retaliation/response to the vile incident, she has released a new dance single ‘Celebrat8ion’ with an equally vibrant music video. The clip has been intentionally filmed at Melbourne’s iconic LGTBI favoured nightclub – Lovemachine which itself was the site of a violent gun shooting in 2019 (though for different reasons). “The choice of this particular nightclub as the location for the video is to highlight the need for safety and to encourage the LGTBI+ community to stand up against the hatred and stereotyping towards them while not letting such incidents deter them from leading anything less than a glorious life”, says T8iana. The video incorporates stunning visuals, powerful choreography and features a segment with national level aerialist Hannah Brooke on the aerial hoop.

Further to this, in a bold move, T8iana has also written to the Victorian Premiere Dan Andrews after his recent election victory, and the Australian PM, Anthony Albanese, calling for the police to play a more integral role in ensuring the safety of the LGTBI+ community as part of the country’s anti-vilification laws. The politicians’ offices are yet to respond.

The Star Observer magazine in Australia reports that crimes against the LGTBI have more than quadrupled since 2004. In Feb 2022, a gang of teenage boys was arrested over repeated heinous hate crimes towards gay men in Melbourne, Australia.

‘This your dancefloor, dance the night away, this is your religion don’t let them take it away,’ sings T8iana on the track, as a metaphorical reference to the LGTBI+ life and rights – a thought echoed by thousands of her followers on her Instagram handle t8iana.official .

This song gloriously celebrates the community’s right to celebrate their love for whoever they wish to love in a safe, inclusive, accepting community. It has been written/performed by T8iana and produced by Clarence Jey, a U.S based Grammy winning record producer.

T8iana is currently working with legendary Australian Sound Engineer Doug Brady who has been involved in big recording projects for Aussie greats like John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes and Olivia Newton John to name a few, and who has also recorded the soundtrack for the iconic 1980s film Crocodile Dundee.

Watch and listen to T8iana’s ‘Celebrat8ion’ track here: