Discover Roach Beanie, The Alternative Rock band of the week!

Roach Beanie is a female-fronted alternative Rock-Punk band coming from England that we have just discovered. You don’t know them yet, but the 4 members band convinced our redaction team with their new single “Jeef Berky”, a promising track.

We will keep from sticking a precise genre to the band who has a certain artistic research and large influences. “Jeef Berky” combines several genres other than Rock and Punk and fights the generalisation and contextualisation of music into singular non-expansive genres.

The 4 musicians are offering limitless creativity as well as strong communicative energy. Everything that we need and that you will unconditionally love. So don’t waste a second, follow Roach Beanie on Instagram and Facebook, and head to the link below to discover “Jeef Berky”: