“City of Kingpin” the new movie by Cosa Cozart

City of Kingpin‘s is a film based on the upcoming life of Cosa Cozart a prominent recording artist and entrepreneur who once was a protege of a Drug lord becoming a Drug Kingpin growing up in the streets of New York City dealing drugs, money and witnessing violence. 

During the early 2000 Cosa Cozart was a prominent affiliate of a notorious drug trade. While growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y Cosa was a major player in the fight for profiting from the drug business. Being a protege of a Drug Lord, befriended by a neighbor who taught Cosa the drug business.

Raised in the section of East Flatbush of Brooklyn the young Cosa was a prominent key for successes of many drug lords. After moving from East Flatbush, Cosa adapted to the life of money, drugs and violence. Since then many events occurred in the life of Cosa Cozart, dealing drugs, affiliations with numerous drug lords, run-ins with law enforcement, losing friends to violence seeking to succeed a astonishing rap career on the rise.