Discovering Daisy Tyler

Our Wednesday is full of high notes thanks to our latest discovery: the talented Daisy Tyler. The Oakland-born, California-raised’s artist’s discography stands out from her peers as she effortlessly mixes genres with beauty and simplicity. From soul to RnB, through pop colours, Daisy Tyler is a gifted singer in her early ages and seduces us with her warm, soft, comforting voice.

Her artistic recipe is appealing and as soon as we discover her, we always look forward to hearing more. Her latest tracks showcase unique creativity and musicality: breathtaking!

This is quite promising for an artist who has the potential to become huge. We had the pleasure to have a conversation with her to know more about what she has in stock.

Listen to her music and read our chat with her below:


Tell us who you are and how you started to make music?

My name is Daisy Tyler I am a singer-songwriter, I started singing when I was very young around the age of five. I would say I also started writing songs as well around that age, I just really enjoyed writing whether it was in my diary or writing my own stories I just really enjoyed telling them. I combined that with my singing and now it is something I can’t ever not see myself doing, it’s how I cope.

What inspires you to write music?

I am inspired by other people but as well as my own challenges I have faced. Like I said earlier music is my escape, it’s the way I express myself. I find it hard to say what I really mean sometimes and music really helps me express whatever is on my mind or how I feel in that moment.

What is your creative process?

My creative process starts at home either at my piano or randomly in the middle of the night if I happen to get an idea for a song. I then go to the piano, find the right chords, and record a voice memo on my phone. Next I’ll send it to my producer Dane and will try to figure out what kind of vibe fits the song.

Can you describe your latest release?

My latest release “I’m Not Sorry” which comes out on Friday Nov 12th, is about my strained relationship with my father. I wrote this song over two years ago, it is basically everything I’ve always wanted to say but never truly had the strength to do so. This song is me saying that I accept who I am because of you, I will no longer seek the love I desperately wanted from you and instead I will find it within myself.

What do you plan for the future?

I will be releasing my EP “Rebirth” in January of next year. It will have over six tracks and it will feature my other songs “Liability”, “Pieces of You” and “I’m Not Sorry” as well.