A beautiful musical journey with ‘Diaspora’ by Restless World Music

To face the cold days and the grey news in the media landscape, we have the magic musical formula. Our song of the day is called Diaspora ’and is signed Restless World Music. The title brilliantly mixes African rhythms with RNB to mark our month most beautifully.

Restless World Music transports us into a musical journey that draws its inspiration from black music from Africa to the West Indies, passing by America while taking us into a deep story that deserves to be shared.

“Diaspora” tells the story of so many parents who left their home country behind to build a new life elsewhere, and that of their children. A subject often badly treated around the world, we have to say.

With a beautiful musical authenticity as well as extraordinary creativity, the piece is produced with finesse and respect for the music in all its glory.
A strong message, communicative energy, “Diaspora” is a success that you must listen to without further delay: