Discovering Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé

Today we decided to invite you into the musical world of Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé, an artist we discovered thanks to a surprising and wonderful “Christic dance”, a new version for “Danse christique”.

He teams up with incredible artists to unveil a musical world out of this earth, timeless and with unique creativity. The track experiments between ambient sounds, bewitching soundscape and a haunting vocal performance to transport you into strong and intense feelings. 

The realization offers a moment of authentic and outstanding journey through art and expression. It sounds like a wonderful prayer. 

Undoubtedly the song you need to experiment to get out of the moment, so press play: 


Drums : Dytron
Guitar : Matt
Violin : jovana Krazic
Vocals : Dimi de San
Lyrics written by Kudos 21

Facts: The first version “Danse christique” featured a choreography performed by an Ukrainian artist