Discovering “Post Scriptum”, Eva’s letter to the world

Post Scriptum, is a dance fit directed and created by Eva Lomby.

This visual creation is a reflection of the unthinkable turns of events that occurred in our world in the last months. And the feeling of emptiness that followed. It is also a message to respect and the urge to protect our Mother Earth.

This film is a letter to the World or, more precisely, the new World in which we transform ourselves indefinitely.

The last months lived on Earth have been unique, improbable, tragic, unexpected, unthinkable. Things are shifting irreparably without having control over it. 

During this lockdown, the whole World had to witness a “New Scenario,” the kind that we only see in movies, an apocalypse happening in front of our eyes, leaving us feeling powerless. Suddenly we knew nothing; unexpectedly, we controlled nothing. And if this Pandemic wasn’t enough, we had to witness the race crisis in America with the unprecedented murders of innocent black people by white supremacist police. All of this, plus the disastrous consequences resulting from climate change.

What do we actually control today?