Discovering Shah, our artist of the day

Shah is a 20 year old rapper/artist from the UK that primarily makes music inspired by American rap. 

Three words to describe his music: charming; dynamic; passionate.

Shah is a fun, light-spirited artist whose music services as a quintessential blend of US rap and Uk RAP. He uses uses his mellifluous vocals to detail honest stories about his life—good, bad or funny—and that’s what keeps his fans coming back for more. Shah is able to remix his cadence with a single pause of breath, and have fans singing along without missing a single beat.

He’s back with his latest single ‘It is what it is’. Beginning with a musical instrumental, it’s a seductive, silky smooth cut that laments having to cope with life’s challenges and attempting to get past them by adopting a “It is what it is” attitude even when things get bad.

With his most recent song, Shah has demonstrated his creative skill. He crosses the boundaries of the melodic rap subgenre while deftly putting on a close-up performance of immersive melodies and stylish productions.