Discovering Shellydecibels: our artist of the day

Our redaction is fascinated by the new Irish hip-hop scene because it offers a generation of new authentic and creative artists.

Our latest discovery perfectly illustrates our point. Indeed, we discovered the young artist Shellydecibels’ discography and we became addicted.

His latest offerings entitled “Error” and “Impact” unveil Shellydecibels’ recognizable and addictive genre-blending flow rocked by flawless and haunting productions between Trap beats and melodic elements.

Shellydecibels is a promising artist who is not ready to slow down anytime soon as he perfectly knows where he goes and what he is doing. 

Press play right now and Rendez-vous below to read our conversation with the artist.

Welcome to our redaction! We are glad to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you started to make music?

I started rapping as a joke with my friends then realized after I kept doing it for a bit I was pretty good at it and I could make some solid music. My first good song I made was way up and I mixed and mastered it myself. Usually, I get professional producers to do it now because it will sound a lot better.

What inspires you to write music?

I’m inspired by juice world with his insane free-styling and j Cole’s lyricism, unfortunately, juice passed away but he still has so many songs coming out to inspire me.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is simple, I write lyrics in a few hours fo straight to the mic in my room and rap. It just comes to me I don’t have to have an idea it just happens. 

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

My latest releases error and impact were made completely with no money, I and a producer worked together, his name was E-moth and he never mixed vocals before but I walked him through it and we did a good job. So if you think you need money to make music you don’t.

What do you plan for the future?

I plan on performing on big stages and earning enough money to live a happy life and provide for my family.

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